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The Defense of Frankfurt First Look

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
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Monster Campaign and New Battalion - Regimental Activation System

The Soviet 79th Guards Tank Division charges hard towards its Fulda Gap campaign objective, Frankfurt, and the bridges there across the Main river. NATO forces have gathered to the defense of Frankfurt and are looking to stop the armored wave coming toward them.

The Defense of Frankfurt Expansion module for Word At War 85 series, Storming the Gap, includes:

· 16 maps (8 summer maps, with and 8 corresponding winter versions)

· additional counter sheets of Soviet, US and West German forces

· additional National Unit tables to account for the new unit types introduced for all sides

· a full-color Module and Scenario book containing two MONSTER, 8-map scenarios.

Optional Battalion/Regimental Activation System:

Also included is the optional Battalion/Regimental Activation System with additional formation cards for use with it, expanding on the existing cards to allow for the easy activation of entire NATO battalions and entire Soviet Regiments during larger scenarios (like these!).

Actual - and Geomorphic! - Maps of the Fulda Gap

The eight summer maps and eight winter maps, when configured in a specific pattern indicated in the two included scenarios display an actual, monster-sized fighting area northwest of Frankfurt, West Germany. The winter versions reflect that any line of sight benefits of obscuring crops of cultivated terrain are wilted and gone, presenting an entirely different battle arena.

The maps have ever so slight adjustments that also make them GEOMORPHIC, and so fully compatible with any other map in the World At War 85 series of games. Just line up the short edge or long edge of any of these maps to any other map in the series to create your own Forward Edge of the Battle Area.

If you want to fight with your World At War 85 forces on maps of a real section of the Fulda Gap, near Frankfurt West Germany, with a map adapted specifically for World At War 85 play, THIS expansion is for YOU.

Two Monster-sized Scenarios

This expansion features two massive, 8-map scenarios:

The Defense of Frankfurt
Weisskirchen, West Germany

After several days of intense fighting, the 8th Guards Army has finally created a breach of NATO lines at the seam between the West Germans and the Americans south of Giessen. Elements of the Soviet 79th Tank Division raced through the breach toward their goal of the river crossings at Frankfurt and west. Standing in its way are local West German Territorial troops holding improved positions as a last-ditch defense until regular troops can arrive, and alone reserve panzergrenadier battalion. Can the West Germans slow the surge of Soviet armor? Whose armed forces will determine the fate of Frankfurt?

Hold the Damn Line!
Eschborn, West Germany

After a full day of intense fighting, the American and West German forces were able to stall the Soviet drive at Eschborn. With both sides worn out, forces paused and awaited reinforcements for a renewal of the fight the next day. The Soviets were determined to continue the offensive and acted to push more forces into the salient to widen the breach in NATO lines. The US and West Germans were planning their own counter-offensive to cut off the Soviet spearhead and drive the invaders back. The US, however, would have to shoulder the greater burden as the West Germans were delayed in reforming the formations that took a pummeling the previous day.

A tired but determined General Bradley Smith commanded the mixed group of American and West German forces that day. His S1, out of an abundance of caution, asked if it wouldn’t be more prudent to just defend, hold the line, and wait for the French? Smith looked back over his shoulder at a battalion of M-1 Abrams tanks forming behind him, then turned and spat back at his unfortunate S1 “Hold the line?? We’re not here to hold the damn line! We’re here to smash theirs!....”

Defense of Frankfurt features Cover.jpg Drive on Giessen features Formation Cards.jpg Drive on Giessen features Battalion Cards.jpg Drive on Giessen features Counters.jpg Drive on Giessen features Maps.jpg Drive on Giessen features Player Aid.jpg