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    The World At War Series is getting a reboot. We have re-named the World At War series to World At War 85. We now have two great designers/developers working on the series in Matt Lohse and Keith Tracton. We will be providing a new historical outline with a lot of new exciting things to come.
    We will be printing new updated and is some cases expanded editions of our World At War 85 series games. We will not be following the old series history or horror theme. Our new edition will be a military theme only. So here is what games are coming and at you can expect to find in them.

    Storming the Gap - This game will include the older editions of Eisenbach Gap, Death of the First Panzer Army and the Gamers Guide. This game will include 14 scenarios, three double-sided full-color maps and about 260+ counters.

    Blood and Fury - This game will include the older edition of Blood and Bridges, Battles within Battles, Operation Garbo, Baltic Fury and Yankee scenario from Eisenbach Gap. This game will include 37 scenarios, four double-sided maps and about 675+ counters.

    The Untold Battles - This game will include the older edition of The Untold Stories, Paris is Burning and Into the Breach with the Black Day Campaign. This game will include 32 scenarios, four double-sided maps and about 875+ counters.

    America Breached - This game will include the older edition of America Conquered and the Texan War of Independence. We do not have a map, scenario and counters count yet.

    Strike Force Africa - This game will include South African, Cuban, Angolan units and scenarios from Line of Fire expansion. We will be expanding this by some limited NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. We do not have a map, scenario and counters count yet.

    As we move forward in the series we will be adding historical maps and historical units to the series. We hope you excited about the new direction for the series and we love to hear what you thinking.

    World at War Box01  Storm the Gap Cover.jpeg World at War Box02 Blood and Fury Cover.jpeg World at War Box03 The untold Battles Cover.jpg World at War Box04 America Breached Cover.jpeg World at War Box05 Strike Force Africa Cover.jpeg

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Discussion in 'World At War 85 Series' started by David Heath, Mar 18, 2016.

    1. Keith Tracton
      Keith Tracton
      The entire thing will be included. Wearing my hat of Scenario Text integrator: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe includes the original Eisenbach Gap game (6 scenarios) as well as the Death of the 1st Panzer module (6 more scenarios), and (uniquely) two additional bonus scenarios for the West Germans units. We will be integrating all 14 scenarios into Storming the Gap.

      We have stated previously - but we are happy to state it again! - each game will be standalone. So you can enter the series where you wish. :) Roughly speaking (subject to change!), Timeline-ways, Storming the Gap covers the initial invasion of West Germany; next, Blood and Fury is currently slated for 37 scenarios, from the battles for the Bridges over the Rhine, to the Northern front and Sweden; then, Untold Battles will be very large as well, as it covers the Soviet advance through other portions of West Germany than Blood and Fury, as well as the advance into the Low Countries and France, all in 32 scenarios.

      America Breached and Strike Force Africa: see above in the first post by David. :)

      Thanks for your interest!!
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    2. Scott Chisholm
      Scott Chisholm
      So, if I have America Conquered and the Texas War of Independence, is the only difference between them and America Breached the maps and the rules?
    3. Keith Tracton
      Keith Tracton
      So far, though I cannot speak to counters as yet myself focusing on scenaris. I can say that as I progress and the scenario format evolves that some scenarios may end up with cleaned up parts such as Victory Conditions and Scenario Special Rules. That has happened quite frequently as I have been rewriting the Storming the Gap scenarios of late. I am not up to America Breached as yet, but i can not see those scenarios as being different. And of course the storyline in the scenarios will be COMPLETELY different.

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    4. Scott Chisholm
      Scott Chisholm

      Thanks for the reply. It gives me something to think about.
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    5. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Scott,

      The counters are also going to be redone. The font just makes this a need to so many of the players. As for the two games stated above you do not need to purchases anything to play what you have with our new rules.

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    6. Scott Chisholm
      Scott Chisholm

      Thanks. I'm just trying to keep the compulsive collector lurking inside of me at bay....


      Scott Chisholm
    7. rastamann
      I think I won't be able to keep my compulsive thing at bay. I'm totally psyched about the upcoming new edition :D
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    8. Crossroads
      Pre-ordered Untold Stories :) Here's hoping it will be of the new 2nd Ed fold but I am not going to complain either way.
    9. MichaelCD
      I searched but did not see anything so has this decision been made, yet? Thanks.
    10. Crossroads
      Yesm curious about this as well. I am good either way :)
    11. MichaelCD
    12. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hello Guys,

      Sorry, I am trying to keep everyone up to date. Please ask your questions again here and I will do my best to answer them quickly.

    13. Eternal
      What's the next game will be released? It will be a game of a series of Lock 'n Load Tactical or World at War? And it will release in October?
    14. Steve Cowne
      Steve Cowne
      David, if you were clairvoyant, when would the next WaW85 or new WaW85 game be published, approximately?
    15. Juan de Austria
      Juan de Austria

      These are good news. There are few wishes from my side:

      more support weapons for infantry, not only anti tanks rockets,
      specially grenade launcher or heavy MG´s (with HE numbers)

      new formations: german infantry with different transporters, stronger French Legion infantry,
      british commandos or paratroopers, US 101st air-mobile or 82nd paratrooper ..

      new fronts: alps with Austria, Italy and Switzerland, south-east-europe with Yugoslavia, Romania,
      Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

      At end my best wishes for the realisation of the new games,
      Juan d A
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    16. David Heath
      David Heath
      Ok, where to start,

      There will be no game released this year, and we are planning to release all of the series all at once. New games in the series (except Strike Force Africa) will follow a normal production schedule.

      The reboot release of the WaW85 we are going to release them all at once on day one. Once, all the games components are ready for print such as the maps, counters, rules, etc. We are going to offer a have special deal.

      We are going to charge one low price for the entire set of games in the series. So you won't receive one game but all five games at the same time. The plan is to charge somewhere between $100.00 - $150.00 for the whole five-game series. Anyone who owns some or all of the older edition games can get all the new editions at a low price. The timeline will be quick since we are doing all the pre-production work upfront and will only need to print the games. Our turn-around time to from funded to your hands should not be more than ninety days.

      To be clear, this plan is not a promise, and we are still looking into it. But I feel confident we can do this and make sure the production is top notch since all the work is being done upfront and not after the fact. LnLP has always been about supporting the gamers who have purchased from us before and not leaving them behind.

      We have been working on this series for a long time now making this quick turn-around possible and if you have purchased any of our newer games or re-releases you already know what we can do.

      Now we need to know what you think of the idea.

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    17. crak
      As an owner of the whole series except for maybe Garbo, that'd be incredible.
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    18. MichaelCD
      I'd definitely buy that bundle.
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    19. TXBlackRifle
      Count me in! Good things are worth waiting for
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    20. Jesse Lopez
      Jesse Lopez
      I'm new to wargaming. I used to play a lot of RTS games on the computer. I was really into Command and Conquer, but one of my favorites was World in Conflict and I recently played the Wargame Series. I found this series online and decided to give it a shot but I couldn't find Eisenbach gap which is where I wanted to start. I started saving up for America conquered but after seeing this thread I got really excited for the reboot. From what I've heard the production quality coming out has improved. I got Red Hammer recently to hold me over until the rebbot comes out. Hearing that everything is coming out all at once renewed my excitement. Sign me up and take my money.
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