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    The World At War Series is getting a reboot. We have re-named the World At War series to World At War 85. We now have two great designers/developers working on the series in Matt Lohse and Keith Tracton. We will be providing a new historical outline with a lot of new exciting things to come.
    We will be printing new updated and is some cases expanded editions of our World At War 85 series games. We will not be following the old series history or horror theme. Our new edition will be a military theme only. So here is what games are coming and at you can expect to find in them.

    Storming the Gap - This game will include the older editions of Eisenbach Gap, Death of the First Panzer Army and the Gamers Guide. This game will include 14 scenarios, three double-sided full-color maps and about 260+ counters.

    Blood and Fury - This game will include the older edition of Blood and Bridges, Battles within Battles, Operation Garbo, Baltic Fury and Yankee scenario from Eisenbach Gap. This game will include 37 scenarios, four double-sided maps and about 675+ counters.

    The Untold Battles - This game will include the older edition of The Untold Stories, Paris is Burning and Into the Breach with the Black Day Campaign. This game will include 32 scenarios, four double-sided maps and about 875+ counters.

    America Breached - This game will include the older edition of America Conquered and the Texan War of Independence. We do not have a map, scenario and counters count yet.

    Strike Force Africa - This game will include South African, Cuban, Angolan units and scenarios from Line of Fire expansion. We will be expanding this by some limited NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. We do not have a map, scenario and counters count yet.

    As we move forward in the series we will be adding historical maps and historical units to the series. We hope you excited about the new direction for the series and we love to hear what you thinking.

    World at War Box01  Storm the Gap Cover.jpeg World at War Box02 Blood and Fury Cover.jpeg World at War Box03 The untold Battles Cover.jpg World at War Box04 America Breached Cover.jpeg World at War Box05 Strike Force Africa Cover.jpeg

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Discussion in 'World At War 85 Series' started by David Heath, Mar 18, 2016.

    1. Keith Tracton
      Keith Tracton
    2. Keith Tracton
      Keith Tracton
      VASSAL test game tonight of the "Death of the 5th Panzer" scenario from Storming the Gap. Still balancing this one, the West Germans with the new values do not need the Jaguar-2 section. The Leopard-2s and their 120mm Rheinmetal cannon are DEADLY in a knife fight if they live. Also the Soviet AP FP dice range is not as printed on the counter, it is shorter, so I played it that way. Official counter and map art, markers are placeholders, marker art is in development as I type this. S01 Overall OOB.png S01 T2 start.png S01 T3 start.png S01 T4 start, add BO-105s.png S01 T5 start.png S01 T6 start.png S01 T6 thats a wrap.png
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    3. Starman
      David, do you still plan to have a value all in option.

      Can we have a high list of changes from original edition, will there be an update kit?
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Starman,

      We did post this already there will be no upgrade kits. We made the maps and counters larger and that pretty much makes it impossible to have an upgrade kit.

    5. Starman
      Thanks David, there was a post in the thread which seemed to contradict this but that was some time ago, I wondered if you had changed your mind.
    6. George Anderson
      George Anderson
      As the owner of the entire line of first edition, I was overjoyed to hear that you will be offering a bundle deal, since based on what I am reading, I *really* want this edition. Just wanted to throw out my appreciation from those of us that have the earlier stuff, but really want to enjoy your upgrades!
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    7. Keith Tracton
      Keith Tracton
      Thanks, George, your support is greatly appreciated!
    8. Byrne Schneider
      Byrne Schneider
      This alone will make me likely repurchase all the games in the series!

      The only thing that gave me pause in the originals was the generic maps with the sometimes silly make-believe names of the towns. It will be so much more immersive to track the Soviets in their attempt to make it to the Rhine and beyond!
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    9. Byrne Schneider
      Byrne Schneider
      I cannot overstate how happy I am to see the Fulda map making it in the Kickstarter. One question - a while back the designer was soliciting names for use in the modules - will these be making their appearance? Oberst Schneider of the NVA is anxious to pass on his orders....
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    10. Keith Tracton
      Keith Tracton
      That would be my solicitation. :)

      Yes indeed:

    11. Byrne Schneider

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