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Build 5.0.14 - Final Candidate

Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor

Panther Games Designer
Jul 31, 2014
Canberra, Australia
Hi all,

I've just uploaded the final candidate build 5.0.14 to LNL. They should get this to you next week. It does have some changes to the AI code to fix the resupply issue. These will need testing. If all is good though we will declare this the final once you all provide us with some feedback on how it runs.


* Mods to the Resupply code, including:

* increasing the effective friendlyFP of supply columns to make them less vulnerable

* added code inside IsFirepowerHostile() to reduce vulnerability of supply columns but offset this in cases where loc is physically occupied by enemy

* Increased threshold for morale loss caused by a lack of basics supply

* Removed terrain table checking code from debug version.

* Ensured GameAnimTask settings are copied from the GameTask and that its options are initialised there rather than inside the DisplaySelection(). This fixes an issue where the RetakePosition option was being set back to the Game Option setting after the user had manually set it.

* Added code to GNNewSelectionDialog to ensure sort scenario settings are retained.

* Ensure unit selections are synced between the ORBAT Dialog, the Fire Support Dialog and the map

* Ensure that the ForceTree in the ORBAT dialog preserves and restores the full tree structure when the user collapses or expands a node.

* Modified code in GamePlan::CreateGameTaskImp() to ensure if you select a bombard or fire as your first orders you can set waypoints for other subsequent tasks.

* Remove data dialog items from context menu in ScenMaker

* Ensure CullExcessEquipmentAndSupplies() is called for each move event

* Removed exemption for Bases within CullExcessEquipmentAndSupplies() so their excess equipment gets culled.

* WIP - various mods for Keyboard shortcuts for dialogs. Including changing the shortcuts from using Alt to using Shift. The current state now, as per the ORBAT dialog will open the dialog but not close it unless you actually click on the dialog. Problem relates to keyboard focus and mouse capture for dialogs.

* Removed 'kludge' code within CGameControl::Create() that was only active in debug version and was failing anyway to allow game to run on second monitor.

* Mods to FGArtyTab to sync selection of units in the FS Dialog with those in the OB dialog and on the map.

* Removed in the ScenMaker the context menu item for displaying the Force Data dialog. This should have only been available in the Game. Ditto for intel forces.

* Fixed issue where if you issued a Bombard or Fire order to an arty unit you couldn't thereafter add waypoints to other orders.

* Fixed bug in ScenMaker RecentFile code that was crashing if you tried to open a recent file.
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Dec 14, 2014
To bad we can't get it before the weekend, anyway looking forward to test it.