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    Hello Everyone,

    We have just made available Command Ops2 Build 5.0.17. Please find the changes listed below.


    * Ensure ScenTransportEvent-DetermineLosses() can handle cases where the startLoc and currLoc are the same. This fixes CTD that occured rarely when the recipient retreats back to its base.

    * Mods to FGMsgLogDialog to ensure onMapMessages are hidden when the dialog opens and shown when the dialog closes. In essence player reports are either shown onMap or, if it's open, in the Msg Log dialog. If you want them onMap, then close the dialog. You can toggle between the two as much as you like.

    * Added code to FGGameWindow so it now observes ScenHumanPlayer and can load saved reports for onMap Message display. Now when a saved game is loaded the reports will be displayed onMap or in the Message Log dialog, if it is open.

    * Added new version of Game Manual (up to page 54 now). I had to redo much of the original material due to changes in the way we handle the dialogs.
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