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    Command Op 2 Build 5.1.24 is Now Available.

    • Convert to VS2013
    • Fixed Out of Sync Issue caused by Miquel's code to store entrenchments. Changes to ScenScenario::GetDeploymentState(). Added temp calls to RecordOrVerifyState() to track down the cause inside ScenPlanScheduling::ScheduleNextEvent(), GameEventThread: ProcessPartialMinute(), ScenTaskEvent: ProcessEvent() and ScenDefendEvent: ProcessEventSelf(). Note this fixed the problems inhibiting replaying or recordings and playing a multiplayer game.
    • Fixed possible error inside PGTreeCtrl::Clear(). Now ensures items are removed before clearing.
    • Increased width of Orders dialog to ensure time remaining fields for air strikes are visible.
    • Fixed bug inside PlanAttack::ConfirmTimings() which was eroneously adding an extra minute to the attack duration.
    • Added mIgnoreReinf flag to SMScenarioDataPalette. This allows the user in the sm to specify if a change in the scenario timings applies to the reinforcement schedules.
    • Modified ScenarioData->AdjustScenarioLength() and ScenScenario::AdjustScenarioLength() to facilitate IgnoreReinf changes.
    • Fixed various memory leaks
    • Optimised start process. It now opens around 10% faster,

    Note this new build will be installing some new MS redistributable Dlls into your game folder. These are the new VS2013 set and replace the older VS2010 set we have been using. They should also fix the missing ordinal issue that a small number of users experienced. We've tested it here but onlu on a limited set of machine configurations. So we need to monitor this. If you run into any troubles please let us know.
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