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    Command Op 2 Build 5.1.24 is Now Available.

    • Convert to VS2013
    • Fixed Out of Sync Issue caused by Miquel's code to store entrenchments. Changes to ScenScenario::GetDeploymentState(). Added temp calls to RecordOrVerifyState() to track down the cause inside ScenPlanScheduling::ScheduleNextEvent(), GameEventThread: ProcessPartialMinute(), ScenTaskEvent: ProcessEvent() and ScenDefendEvent: ProcessEventSelf(). Note this fixed the problems inhibiting replaying or recordings and playing a multiplayer game.
    • Fixed possible error inside PGTreeCtrl::Clear(). Now ensures items are removed before clearing.
    • Increased width of Orders dialog to ensure time remaining fields for air strikes are visible.
    • Fixed bug inside PlanAttack::ConfirmTimings() which was eroneously adding an extra minute to the attack duration.
    • Added mIgnoreReinf flag to SMScenarioDataPalette. This allows the user in the sm to specify if a change in the scenario timings applies to the reinforcement schedules.
    • Modified ScenarioData->AdjustScenarioLength() and ScenScenario::AdjustScenarioLength() to facilitate IgnoreReinf changes.
    • Fixed various memory leaks
    • Optimised start process. It now opens around 10% faster,

    Note this new build will be installing some new MS redistributable Dlls into your game folder. These are the new VS2013 set and replace the older VS2010 set we have been using. They should also fix the missing ordinal issue that a small number of users experienced. We've tested it here but onlu on a limited set of machine configurations. So we need to monitor this. If you run into any troubles please let us know.
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Discussion in 'Command Ops Series' started by Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor, Nov 19, 2015.

    1. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Also Budd please confirm if there is a listing for Cmd Ops in the Applications list of Task Manager. Thanks.
    2. *budd*
      That for me? launch from the shortcut or exe.
    3. *budd*
      nope hasn't been no listing in the application tab i've checked, no processor activity either.

      I'll shutdown and give another go.
    4. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Budd, yes it was for you, sorry. Always from the exe please. The reason being I want to isolate shortcuts from the equation.
    5. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Budd, but still multiple entries in Task Manager's list of open Processes?
    6. *budd*
      ok. at start up no instances of CO2 in process tab. Started from exe. 1 CO2 process starts, then like 20 seconds later 2 more start up. Nothing in the application tab regarding CO2 program running. No processor activity in the process tab regarding CO2. This time i could shutdown 1 of the processes using end process, but not the other 2. shot of the CO2 process attached.

      Attached Files:

    7. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Budd, very intriguing. I have to say I have never come across anything like this before. I need to ask other developers to see if they can point me in the right direction. Because of the fact that the visual basic app ran and the other visual c ones didn't I still feel it must be do to with the runtimes. It may be one of those cases where the i3 chipset uses a different version of one or more of the dlls. I'll research that angle to. This may take a few days before I get an answer. I won't have forgot you. I'll be back.
    8. *budd*
      no worries Dave, thx for looking into it.
    9. planetbrain
      Hi Dave,
      Sorry I had to move on yesterday due to real life. I've just now fired up my PC from being totally off for several hours & I do still have the 2 instances of CmdOps.exe running as indicated in the Details tab of task manager, this without my doing a thing: 2015-11-25_163348.png
      Win 10 64 bit
    10. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      planetbrain, was you machine actually shut down before you "fired it up"?
    11. planetbrain
      Yes. Power switch set to off
    12. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      planetbrain, If the machine was actually turned off, then the RAM would have been cleared and there should be no way these processes survived. The only explanation I can see for this is either the machine hadn't really shut down or you tried to launch the game after you booted. But leave this with me for now I am taking this offline so I can seek help from other developers. I'll be back.
    13. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Budd and planetbrain, could you try turning off your Anti-Virus and then launching the game. Before you do so, start from a cold reboot and launch from the exe in the game directory.
    14. planetbrain
      I can confirm, after return from a total cold start after leaving for half hr., that the 2 exe files again still appeared in task manager so that launch of games in any circumstance is not possible HOWEVER...
      having dual boot, I rebooted into XP with view to changing exe file name so it couldn't load on start.(I forgot my XP cant see my 3GB drive so I actually did nought).
      Booted back to win 10 and files gone and GAME NOW WORKS. I just mention all this in case there's something there (more likely a quirk of my PC)
    15. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      planetbrain, hold on weren't you running win 7 pro? So let me get this straight. It works fine under Win 10 but so under win 7 on your dual boot machine?
    16. planetbrain
      Never Win7. I've only mentioned Win 10 64. The problem of the exe's showing as running by simply cold starting was always & only with Win 10 64 that somehow apparently fixed only when rebooting to it after running XP 32. I'll shut up as this is getting too drawn out but I find out tomorrow if the fix will be lasting (am currently on my laptop which is different PC). I expect it's (as I say) all a quirk of my desktop PC.
    17. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Sorry planetbrain. I got you confused with Geoffrey Robertson. It was he who sent me in the other DxDiag report. I would be grateful if you could send me one too.
    18. *budd*
      Bingo, winner, winner, appears it was my anti virus. I'm using avast free edition in case any one else has a problem. I added CO2 to the exclusion list and it appears we're good to go. I'll load up my modules and report back. Thx Dave, although i should of thought of that, usually i get a popup when there's a problem.
    19. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Wunderbar! How I hate Avast. I should have thought of this earlier. It was one of the dev on StackOverflow that suggested this.

      Geoffrey/planetbrain, can you please turn off your AV and see if this fixes it.
    20. *budd*
      modules installed just fine. Everything appears to be good to go, thx again.

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