Group and Tournament Play proposals

Nov 9, 2015
Omaha, USA
As a player of WAAP's predecessor B-17 Bomber Squadron, I started to think about ideas on how to implement the game system into Group/Wing play via email or play-by-forum, in addition to Tournament play. Below is a rough draft of my ideas. Would love any an all comments.

I can see WAAP being played via forums like the current groups that play using Queen of the Skies/Target for Today.

Group Play Rules Outline
1. Group play enables 2 to 4 players to fly missions together, each controlling their own Squadron, and is both Cooperative and Competitive.
i. Cooperative Aspect – All Squadrons fly against a common target, with combined bombing results going toward the overall Groups war effort.
ii. Competitive Aspect – Squadrons, while flying common missions to further the Groups war effort, also compete against each other to be the best in the Group in Bombing Results, Enemy Fighters shot down, and Least Number of Bombers Lost.

2. Each Squadron player must own their own copy of Wings and a Prayer.

3. One player assumes the role of the Group Commander. The Group Commanders role includes.
i. Mission Target Selection.
ii. Flying as the Lead Squadron.
iii. Makes all Event Rolls for the Group. Each Squadron then individually rolls their own Event results (Flak Attacks, Fighter Attacks, etc.).
iv. Responsible for maintaining the Group Mission Log (optional, still in development).

4. Group Play can use either the Basic or Advanced rules for flying the mission, but all Squadrons must decide before play and use a common ruleset.

5. Group Play can be either against the AI German foe, or another player can assume the role of the German defenses. The German player in Group Play will be very busy, handling all Fighter and Flak attacks against all Squadrons. It is important to realize this ahead of time and plan accordingly, as mission play time will increase. The German Player in Group Play will need to use the Fighter Counters from the other players Game Copy. An option to keep play time manageable will be for the German Player to assign fighters and flak attacks against the individual Squadrons, but have the Squadron Commanders handle the outcome resolution rolls simultaneously. THIS WILL NEED TO BE PLAYTESTED!

6. All players will decide together the length of the Campaign.

7. Group Play can be face-to-face, or organized for Forum or Play-by-Email.

Tournament Group/Wing Play.
1. The above Group Play rules can be used in a formal Tournament setting.

2. If more than four players want to play, then the structure can be expanded to Wing Play, with multiple Groups (each with 4 Squadrons) divided into Wings (2-4 Groups) flying against a common target.

3. If the event is large enough for Wing Play, a Wing Commander will be chosen and will be in charge of handling target selection (unless handled by a Tournament Organizer) and Event rolls.

4. The number of missions flown will be determined by the Event Organizer.


Tony Costa

Staff member
Mar 11, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
Great job Trevor, I think these are really good and would love to see something like this being played out eventually.

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