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LnLT Digital Update Reports Last Updated 7/4/2020 11:00 pm

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
LnLT Digital Update Report Rev2.jpg
LnLT Digital Update Reports - We will be posting these here to show a history of the progress as to what we have fixed, adjusted, and new features that have been added. So expect this to be very active. Our priority will be bug fixes and the multiplayer feature. The LnLP forums will be the first place we update followed by Steam and our Facebook Lock 'n Load Tactical group section.

Changes: 7/4/2020

Happy 4th of July, We will not be updating this thread with everyday updates as they are all available within the game's updates.

Changes 6/26/2020
- fixed smoke to be a Level-2 height LOS block
- fixes to squad weapon’s upstairs/downstairs status getting out of sync with their owners

Changes 6/25/2020

- reverted some of the rendering settings back to pre-June 15 settings to reduce counter blurring
- fixed heroes created from an Upper-Level unit from being placed on the ground floor
- heroes & crews generated during play now inherit any SSR-type movement area restrictions from their creating unit
- Ap Bac: fixed the US Advisor not being able to carry a Support Weapon

Changes 6/24/2020
- fixed PIAT not actually firing from building hexes (was showing the attack odds on preview but then not fire when clicked)
- Rebecca Can You See Me: added a large permanent US icon marker to the (center) target hex (though it is hidden under the event marker at first)

Changes 6/23/2020

- added Days of Villainy module rules .pdf
- added updated version of Normandy/Nam .pdfs with skill information & terrain information added
- fixed core rules .pdf not being re-loadable on the main menu if you come back after exiting a scenario where you looked at module rules (the module pdf was there and not changeable)
- fixed LOS not being reciprocal on a 2-level hill to/from a hex behind a level 1 obstacle (the uphill was being wrongly let through; an example is map 4, L7-E8)
- Assault on Ben Suc: fixed civilian event getting stuck if there were no NVA/VC troops left on the map at all to target; the civilian will just be a normal hero in this case

Changes 6/19/2020

- Unity updated to 2019.4.1f1
- fixed units failing the morale roll to begin a Close Assault not having all move points used, leading the AI to attempt to do weird things with them with the remainder of their move, such as vaulting over entire hexes
- fixed vehicles not being allowed to move their guaranteed one hex if a rotation was needed (the line was showing white, indicating this is an allowed move, but the move itself was not allowed)
- fix to Acquiring markers: 'hex' Acquiring/Acquired markers (e.g. vs infantry) are now removed when the infantry is all eliminated (even if support weapons remain behind)
- fixed Results Window missing Firepower information for offboard artillery
- Map 2: separated the joined Huts hexes into different "groups"; this fixes the erratic building control count in Operation Starlite (and other scenarios, if any, that consider them to be different buildings for victory purposes)
- multiplayer: Rebecca, Can You See Me? now enabled

Changes 6/18/2020

- added reminders for Rally Phase weapon statuses; the hexes get green outlines and a text window (the prediction layer) has the details
- F10 now also hides hex outlines and the hex cursor
- fixed artillery FFE round placement from Spotting round to only allow a 1-hex shift instead of 2-hexes, to match rule 18.2 (with the exception to leave it at 2 hexes for special forward observers in certain SSRs)

Changes 6/16/2020
- fixed opfire being prompted with RPGs that couldn't fire because they were in buildings
- fixed ord fire prediction window to say that Shaken units cannot fire
- units that become Abandoned now remove any large Shaken and Buttoned admin counters

Changes 6/15/2020

- added F10 hotkey to hide/show the usual in-game UI windows, if you Esc to bring up the popup menu they are also all shown again in case you forgot what key you pressed to hide everything
- fixed Autorally button/warning showing when not needed (bug introduced Friday from changes for Red Star)
- fixed various in-game menus such as Reinforcements not being removed if you Esc back to the Main Menu when they are up
- fixed the AI passing when it tried to move a shaken unit into a forbidden (by SSR) area of the map to hide
- some adjustments to map panel positioning (hoping to reduce the visible seams in the future, but not yet - it is quite complicated)
- tidied up the briefing OOBs by combining identical units that were being shown on separate lines

Changes 6/13/2020

- fixed multiple-shot units not being able to fire more than once (broken yesterday)
- fixed passengers not being assigned movement points if not specifically selected to unload from a vehicle and thus sometimes not unloading
- fixed selection of a vehicle that was marked Moved from unloading to revert to the correct normal move mode for further moves of the vehicle on that impulse even if Assault Move is the vehicle default
- added rocket effects to helicopters firing ordnance weapons
- Sky Soldiers: another attempt to fix the AI doing the illegal half squad setup

Changes 6/11/2020

- reduced AI tendency to move onto other friendly stacks when moving carefully
- fixed an AI bug where it would try to move a stack of shaken units to hide that would overstack the destination, so it would then pass
- a bunch of under-the-hood changes to how units are marked "Fired" and/or are able to shoot (required for upcoming ATGMs - hopefully nothing broke but be alert)

Changes 6/10/2020
- Unity updated to 2019.4.0f1
- fixed map clicks sometimes not working (they were hitting the invisible prediction windows)
- fixed crash on the second use of the Move/Assault Move vehicle menu
- fixed empty tooltip popping up on the Move/Assault move vehicle menu
- fixed hero generated on a unit being completely killed not appearing on the map
- told the AI it can’t Close Assault into hexes with enemy infantry (it was sometimes deciding to do this, be unable, and then passing)

Change 6/9/2020

- added ability to mix move modes when loading/unloading passengers; passengers use the selected move mode and if the vehicle has not already moved, a menu will pop up to select a separate Move or Assault Move for it
- Kellam’s Bridge/combo: fixed LOS being blocked by 17I4 east and west
- Sky Soldiers: fixed the AI setup sometimes getting stuck on a bad setup warning (one of the submitted setups had an illegal placement that pre-dated this check)

Changes 6/8/2020

- switched the turret action button icons
- fixed generic not-able-to-fire messages not showing in ordnance fire prediction (example: firing RPG from inside a building)
- fixed vehicle passengers creating a misleading column on the prediction windows (only their vehicle may be targeted)
- fixed Roadblocks not affecting movement
- Map 55: marked hexes E10 and F9 as being the same building to prevent LOS from going between the hexes; since they are single-story buildings there is no issue with upper-story units hopping from one to the other
- Map 55: marked hexes H8 and H7 as being the same building (same reason)
- Hold or Die: fixed NTC victory condition not working properly
- Hold or Die: fixed NTC vehicle not able to reverse move out of the emplacement

Changes 6/5/2020 - Days of Villainy DLC Released

- added passenger loading toggle to reinforcements menu to allow oncoming Coordinated Moves
- added Victory Points section to briefing text
- fixed attempted moves with 0 move points from flagging a combined stack as having started a Coordinated Move
- fixed selection of ground units after selecting a vehicle sometimes not giving the ground units any movement points

Changes 6/4/2020

- added Coordinated Movement for onboard units (automatic if a vehicle and additional units are selected at the start of a move)
- fixed units on the ground next to units in the upper story of a building not being considered 'adjacent'

Changes 6/3/2020

- added Continuous Movement (action button shows after a vehicle has been moved)
- attempted fix of multiples of the same admin counters being placed on a unit
- fixed large admin counters showing on a reloaded game regardless of large admin counter setting
- multiplayer: fixed vehicle rotating in order to opfire from confusing the moving player's computer
- Sky Soldiers: fixed meaningless error message about 'Random Hero' in the message log

Changes 6/2/2020

- fixed display of squad weapons in Melee if a unit carries more than one
- fixed moving helicopters not triggering opportunity fire
- fixed up-to-downstairs LOS over hexside terrain not being symmetrical
- fixed a bug where a unit thought it needed to change facing when it didn't (facing NW and target in adjacent NW hex)
- multiplayer: fixed mandatory facing changes to fire that triggered opportunity fire from getting the opportunity fire computer all confused and frozen
- multiplayer: Sky Soldiers now enabled

Changes 6/1/2020

- fixed Esc from bringing up the menu when you are actively targeting (i.e. canceling opfire)
- added sniper button functionality to hotseat games on the non-sniper side's turn (shows a nation icon to make it clear who the sniper belongs to)
- multiplayer: added sniper interrupts, use the F2 key or the button; this notifies the moving player to interrupt at the next opportunity, the number of hexes of movement you are delayed are going to depend on your latency
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David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
Changes: 4/6/2020 B
- updated Unity to 2019.3.8f1

- changed dragging windows to not re-snap the center of the window to the mouse position
- made game window resizeable if in windowed mode (alt-Enter to toggle windowed mode on PC, dunno what it is on Macs, probably whatever it is supposed to be)
- disabled not-your-turn-sniper button in multiplayer until I can get it to work right
- fixed highlighting of the current stack when Opportunity Move is chosen
- fixed glider landing on units in bunker starting a Melee that can’t be progressed
- fixed Esc bringing up the in-game menu on the Module screen
- added range in hexes to the LOS string

Developer Note: Because it may get weird on large monitors or something - windowed mode has always been in there as a Unity default (alt-Enter toggles it). What I enabled was the ability to resize the window if you are in windowed mode - hopefully, this will help out people in weird aspect ratios because at least they can change the aspect of the game window now.

However Unity, in all its wisdom, when you go BACK to fullscreen from windowed, defaults to using that previous windowed size as the fullscreen resolution, so if you had a little window, the fullscreen resolution is now THAT size all blown up, which is usually horribly blurry and ugly. What I've done is have the game check your desktop resolution if you are in windowed mode, and remember it and if you go back to fullscreen use that as the fullscreen size. Theoretically, this should work but for people with 3 monitors or VR or monitors with a 31:10 aspect ratio or something, I'm not sure. Let me know if it does something bizarre. Thanks!

Changes: 4/6/2020 A

- some possible crash fixes with the order of objects being initialized at game start
- changed the sorting layer of some map sprites in case that was causing the weird rendering issues seen on some Macs
- fixed crash when a 2x ord weapon fires at a helo and makes it flee with the first shot
- fixed direct fire at an enemy unit in a friendly helo’s hex potentially causing damage checks for the helo
- added compass arrow graphic to map, hotkey C toggles it off/on
- disabled ability to drag enemy’s weapons if you are in the same hex as them (could occur with a continuing melee)
- Rebecca Can You See Me: prohibited change of weapon status/dropping weapons while under the effects of the automatic patrol SSR (potentially trapping the patrol in place for that turn)

Developer Note: Good morning! Before I move on to fixing some gameplay bugs today, I wanted to send out a patch for some of the crash/startup problems. It's been sent to Steam, should download shortly.

Changes: 4/4/2020
- fixed a bug where it could try to load the main part of the game (the post-title screen stuff) twice at the same time, that would probably be bad
- added command-line argument ‘skipintro’ to jump past the title screen in case that is causing problems (in Steam, go to the game properties [right-click on the name or gear icon], General->Set Launch Options, and type skipintro in that box)
- fixed module screen crash if a save was corrupted or unreadable
- Rejoining the Regiment: fixed incorrect calculation of half-squads for German victory conditions

Changes: 4/3/2020

- music now muted when playing tutorial videos
- fixed startup crash if the “most recent” save was somehow corrupted and unreadable
- fixed in-game popup menu to layer over the tutorial menu
- fixed returning to the main menu when the tutorial is playing not closing the video window
- fixes to the positioning of the (temporary and hideous) multiplayer chatbox on the module screen in non-16:9 resolutions
- added leadership value to unit info popup
- added build version text to start menu
- reduced the wait-if-no-input on the title screen to 6 seconds
- Flash... Thunder: fixed freeze if every single event on table C had been used and you rolled another Cricket Click that goes to Table C.

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
Changes 4/14/2020

- added patch notes window pops up automatically each time you start a new version, or from the button on the main menu

- fixed helicopter hexes being targeted in melee causing the helicopter to show up on the melee menu and make it not advanceable

- fixed melee getting stuck when a human unit w/Rage skill enters melee vs. AI unit(s)

- fixed not being able to continue a move when units are shaken by opfire (leaving the shaken ones behind)

- fixed small arms direct fire damage checks affecting both vehicles & infantry in a stack instead of just the target

- fixed multiplayer chat packets not setting the packet # and throwing false warnings

- fixed multiplayer destroying weapons action not being synced

- leaving a multiplayer game now puts you back to the main menu instead of the module screen

- fixed (very bad bug!) multiple games in a row not resetting counter IDs, which could cause multiplayer games to start out of sync if they were not the first game played (with one computer often not able to reconcile the counter info coming from the other)

- fixed packets from previous games from coming into subsequent multiplayer games and potentially causing old units to reappear (though with the previous fix this seems unlikely)

- disabled “Load Game” from the ingame popup menu for multiplayer games because it was not going to work properly from there yet

- fixed popup menu staying up after you loaded a save game

Changes: 4/10/2020

- added special effects for starshell counters (was looking for a way to adjust gamma, and stumbled upon a way to do this, so ta-da!)

- another attempt to fix green map overlay from never fading away on some Macs by slapping it under everything once it is done fading

- some more fixes to try to fix a crash in melee

- made it so an “empty” Melee doesn’t get stuck on the menu for lack of opponents to select (I still want to know about how you might get these to occur, but at least you won’t get stuck there now)

- fixed loading a multiplayer save game in single player putting you in a weird half multi-/half-single game state

- fixed non-synced random numbers at start of multiplayer movement (mainly affected event random rolls)

- fixed timing issue in multiplayer where if an opponent targeted something (example: smoke hex) too quickly for the opponent’s computer, they could get the opponent’s targeting wait stuck forever

- added error message for if multiplayer packets somehow come in the wrong order or one is lost (Steam says they shouldn’t, but just doublechecking here)

- added simulated lag to my own version for more multiplayer debugging entertainment

Changes: 4/9/2020

- updated Unity to 2019.3.9f1

- fixed some multiplayer desyncs with snipers

- fixed crash when artillery FFE round lands off the map (not sure how this hex was selected, though)

- added more syncing of counter stack data before multiplayer game commands

- added pop-up info boxes for all checkboxes on the module & options screen

- added resizing arrows & saving of position/size to terrain info box

- possible crash fix; had some bug submissions about Sniper button crashing, they showed a crash in MoveController (strangely - perhaps they were on the AI turn, though), couldn’t repeat it, but fixed a possibility there

Developer Note: Finally found a couple of nice multiplayer desync with snipers. Gonna hope that solves some of the issues and focus some more on single-player tomorrow.

Changes: 4/8/2020 7:00 pm

- fixed permanent disappearing turn box if the window positions were saved when it was offscreen

- fixed Upper-Level markers showing up on opponent’s turn when non-visible units are in the hex

- fixed dropping weapon in Ops Phase not being synced in multiplayer

- added messages to the control button window when you are waiting on the multiplayer opponent to do something (opfire/melee targeting)

- added info about the modules/packs you own to the connection info with your multiplayer opponent

- fixed a crash at the end of turn when the game tried to write to a file that was somehow left open

- added more error-handling on failure to save or copy save files

- added a doublechecking of the network wait in multiplayer: if you’re been waiting for an opfire/etc response from the other computer for a while, it will doublecheck to see if the other computer actually thinks you are waiting and if you are not, it will now stop waiting and print out a warning message that you’re probably out of sync (I would really like any ideas on how you managed to get things out of sync, as well)

Developer Note: Since I was unable to get much accomplished yesterday looking for "natural" desyncs in multiplayer, today I added a button to my own version to randomly shuffle some units around to basically simulate a desync and proceeded accordingly. So, most of today's fixes have to do with multiplayer (but not all).

Changes: 4/7/2020

- fixed a crash when unit fires a multi-stage attack (example: tank firing main gun, then MGs) and kills the first unit but not all units in the target hex in the first attack

- added resizing buttons to the upper right of all windows with saveable positions; right-click no longer resizes windows, these incredibly tiny buttons do it instead

Developer Note: New version sent to Steam. I spent a fair amount of time playing multiplayer today and was unable to get any real issues to occur, which was unfortunate. Multiplayer bugs are, in general, very difficult to nail down unless I can see them happen because of the kind of timing issues that can crop up. I did see a few places where things MIGHT go wrong and tinkered with them but nothing definite enough to put in a changelog. I will, however, definitely work on some more graceful ways to deal with multiplayer games that go awry (desyncs, no response from opponent, etc) in the near future.

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
Changes 4/24/2020
- updated Unity to 2019.3.11f1
- fixed melee firepower calculation for leaders using weapons
- added nation logos to event counters to indicate who will trigger them
- multiplayer: Lucky Man skill now functional in multiplayer
- multiplayer: Ambush! and Marketplace Massacre are now available for multiplayer games.

Changes 4/23/2020
- in-game briefing brought up to date with scenario screen briefing (& merged, so all future updates will affect both)
- overhaul of activation/selection logic to allow the user to deselect some units that have activated and then change their mind, reselect them, and allow them to continue their impulse
- increased scrollwheel sensitivity in patch notes window
- multiplayer: fixed offboard artillery attack random seeds not being synced (recently broken)
- multiplayer: fixed unit IDs going out of sync as a result of artillery casualties when one player was showing large admin markers and the other wasn’t
- multiplayer: added more information to logfile if the remote computer has a unit that the local one does not
- Sky Soldiers: added one NVA setup

Changes 4/22/2020

- added skills to the OOB info for units that start with skills
- attempted to keep unit popup info from going off bottom (or top) of screen
- Mine & Men: changed the compass arrow to point down on the map
- multiplayer: added more dumps to messagelog for unsynced unit position updates to try and nail down when they might occur
- multiplayer: fixed weapon dismantled status not being synced on arriving reinforcements; this would have only affected units with AM that fire on the same impulse they enter, though, so probably didn’t happen much
- multiplayer: fixed manual rally rolls not using the same random seed and thus probably often desyncing
- multiplayer: fixed manual medic heal rolls not being sent to remote computer

Changes 4/21/2020

- fixed multiplayer units generated during play not having synced ID #s (example: heroes generated by a damage check)
- increased scroll wheel sensitivity on the scenario screen briefing text window
- fixed stray OOB text showing on save game/scenario record tabs on scenario screen
- added OOB zone information for setup/arrival groups to scenario screen briefing
- disabled bug reporter from popping up when entering lobby chat
- added new style counters for Spotted and Spotting Round
- added option “Special Weather Effects” (defaults to on) to allow disabling of the rain sound/graphics
- changed max framerate top # to be the refresh rate of the current resolution
- prohibited saving during a temporary event setup phase because the resulting save can’t be loaded properly (the button shouldn’t be shown anyway but someone managed it somehow)
- minor cursor tweaks: hex cursor is placed on a unit being opfired on, pulsing outlines removed at end of impulses
- added multi/single player information to the log so I can stop asking people if it was a multiplayer game on bug reports
- Attack of Das Kochgeschirr: fixed UK sometimes starting without most of their units
- Assault on Ben Suc: added a VC setup
- Battle of Long Tan: added a VC setup

Changes 4/20/2020
- the first update to the scenario browser briefings, showing the basic OOB info; still have to add info on zones, events, and add it all to the in-game briefing
- updated the lobby in-game icons
- updated text for fullscreen/window toggle for Macs on Options screen
- added a slider on Options/Video for max framerate (defaults to 60); this is for people whose computers sound like they are going to explode from too much screen updating. The Unity docs seem to say if you match your monitor refresh it will still be vsynced, I hope that is the case.
- some more data dumped in the log for me to examine in multiplayer bug reports

Changes 4/18/2020

- added multiplayer lobby; everyone can see the lobby chat messages, but only players who select "Looking for Opponent" will show up on the player list and be able to invite/send messages to others.

Changes 4/17/2020

- lots more work on the multiplayer lobby, but it’s not ready yet
- In Heroes of the Nam Battle Pack 1 scenarios Battle of Chin Dhuc/Duc Hanh and Undeniable Courage are now available for multiplayer games. Note: Be aware if you somehow get "Lucky Man" on creating a Hero, it won’t do anything in multiplayer yet.
- fixed opfire targeting buttons that went missing in yesterday’s version
- event messages in multiplayer now wait for both players to press OK. We apologize to all the fast readers out there, but it was causing some weird things to happen to allow one person to move along and not the other.
- A Friend in Need: fixed radio event from freezing the other player in multiplayer when there were no leaders and you have to pick a squad
- Attack of Das Kochgeschirr: added one player setup.
- Brothers in Arms: added one player setup.

Changes 4/16/2020

- updated Unity to 2019.3.9f1
- started work on an in-game way to match up with (non-SteamFriend) players; game is currently silently joining a lobby that doesn't do anything yet
- multiplayer end of impulse full unit sync now compares the incoming unit data and outputs a message to the window if something came in that didn’t match as expected; these are important clues to finding desync bugs
- Assault on Vierville: fixed crash when Germans come in on north road hex
- Assault on Vierville (Normandy version): fixed missing US troops at start
- Bridgehead at Cauquigney: added one setup

Changes 4/15/2020
- added game phase name to the control button box
- fixed mortars being able to indirect fire while in melee
- fixed hex control not being checked after the conclusion of an ongoing melee
- told the AI that walking into napalm is bad
- added multiplayer check at end of remote player movement to make sure the moving player finished their move; if they did not (i.e., they are waiting on nonexistent opfire or melee), they are broken out of the wait and unit data is re-synced
- fixed hex outlines showing up in multiplayer for activated hidden units
- fixed multiplayer opponent units being shown in setup if fog of war is on
- removed hex outlines from opponent’s units in setup in multiplayer
- added the use of user-submitted unit setups; if there is one, there is 35% chance the game uses it, this chance increases if there are more than one, up to 75% if there are four or more
- Assault on Vierville: added two US setups

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
Changes 5/15/2020
- fixed a freeze when units were overrun from a vehicle and sometimes not allowed to retreat in any direction
- vehicle arrival facing can now be specified based on the position of the mouse in the arrival hex (it’ll make sense when you try it)
- added video option to disable starshell lighting
- added satchel charge explosion effects
- multiplayer: fixed a bug where restoring a save game could consider the opponent to be already disconnected
- multiplayer vehicles are ready to roll out! The following scenarios are now enabled in multiplayer: Attack of Das Kochgeschirr, Brothers in Arms, Men of France, Overlord Begins; Ap Bac, Battle of Long Tan, Operation Starlite.

Changes 5/14/2020

- fixed OFT +1 penalty for SMCs including heroes
- fixed size of Lay Smoke button icon
- fixed reduced squads not remembering the proper original squad type they were, so if later joined they would just vaporize one
- multiplayer: fixed joining of squads not being sent to other players

Changes 5/13/2020

- added smoke graphics to wrecks
- moved wreck counters to bottom of stacks
- added smoke graphics to smoke counters
- added option to turn off smoke graphics to video options
- another fix to LOS along straight-line hexsides
- fixed starshell light remaining after exiting scenario
- prevented ops phase pickup of weapons under a Melee marker

Changes 5/12/2020

- added flamethrower flames
- added rocket launcher/PIAT effects
- updated scenario briefing SSR information

Changes 5/11/2020

- fixed DFT ‘destroyed’ result vs. unarmored vehicle not doing anything
- fixed bug where dragging a weapon onto a Shaken unit was allowing it to be picked up
- told the AI to not set up mortar teams in hexes they can’t fire out of
- told the AI it is not allowed to pick up weapons in the rally phase in Melee hexes or with Shaken units
- fixed mouse cursor to say Move instead of Melee when hovering over an enemy-occupied bunker in a different hex
- fixed bottom unit boxes not being updated after a melee
- fixed a bug where if you moved a bunker counter in setup and there were units in the bunker, they were left in the original hex marked as being ‘upstairs’
- fixed a bug where carried item counters were sometimes way off the board and if a unit with one moved, it would freeze while it waited to slide into position
- Colleville: added a German setup
- Marketplace Massacre: fixed Roads on Map 4 being marked as Sunken Roads
- multiplayer: possible fix to turns getting out of sequence when one player Spots, fails, and then passes

Changes 5/8/2020

- upgraded Unity to 2019.3.13f1
- added explosion graphics for destroyed vehicles, artillery, and mortars
- multiplayer: another overhaul of stuff, this time the event messages, hopefully preventing any lockups there regardless of who does what in what order, the lockstep is removed, and the event message windows are now independent of anything else

Changes 5/7/2020

- turned off background LOS calculations to see if it changes the performance on a larger scenario
- fixed Bocage LOS along hex edges from not always blocking LOS
- fixed canceling opfire to cancel all opfire when there is a multiple-MP move triggering it
- fixed a bug where choosing some of a stack to do opfire and then canceling a 2nd opfire shot into the same (multiple-MP) hex from different units in the same stack will still fire with those units, but locally only (remote computer would act correctly, leading to a multiplayer desync)
- fixed vehicle rotations to not cause two opfire prompts if the vehicle was assault moving

Changes 5/6/2020

- added missing description for Ambusher skill
- fixed passengers that unload to be able to move in the same impulse after unloading
- fixed weird snapping of passenger counters when their vehicle is sliding

Changes 5/5/2020

- fixed the # of multiple opfires on multiple-MP moves from being doubled by the unit Assault Moving
- fixed LOS running along a hexedge between a building and an non-building to be Blocked
- fixed ‘firing from bocage modifier’ to only apply when the bocage is adjacent to the firer
- fixed opfired units sometimes being flagged as unable to be continuing their move (broken w/yesterday’s leader activation fix)
- simplified some AI calculations for the potential opfire threat map that were taking a while on larger scenarios
- fixed a bug where the AI could consider ‘dangerous’ hexes (mines, FFE, etc) as focus hexes for its plan, and then not be willing to move into those hexes, and pass
- fixed bottom unit display showing units from the previous scenario before a hex was selected
- multiplayer: added ping info to the control button box showing the average ping in milliseconds to the opponent; pings are every 15 seconds, info shows up after the first few return, the time is colored yellow for > 1 sec ping and orange for > 3 sec pings - numbers I pulled out of nowhere - but if this number is like 15,000 or something, your connection is terrible
- Mines & Men: fixed a bug for USMC AI which would decide to try to crush fences in the heavy jungle hex (which vehicles could not enter) and then pass when it could not move there

Changes 5/4/2020

- fixed units sometimes being able to illegally self-rally
- fixed being able to move an adjacent unit a leader moves over and selects
- fixed multiple opfires not being allowed on multiple-MP moves
- fixed popup help from going off the left side of options screen
- fixed vehicles from being able to be setup in crushable buildings
- added a vic hex control check after successful rallies in case you now have a unit there that can control it
- added background LOS calculations when the player is idle for the LOS cache to help speed things up a little on larger scenarios
- Assault on Ben Suc: fixed game freezing if grenade event target hex was the hex it started in on that impulse

Changes 4/30/2020

- upgraded Unity to 2019.3.12f1; that killed Steamworks references in Visual Studio, so went back to .11
- upgraded Steamworks.NET to 13.0
- draggable windows can no longer be dragged offscreen
- made in-game briefing window draggable
- fixed position of range in LOS line on sideways maps
- fixed a bug where the AI was often not choosing to fire, thinking it had to spot when it didn’t (and probably scuttling around a lot as a result)
- multiplayer: fixed movement markers not showing up on remote moves
- multiplayer: fixed melee withdrawal not working properly on a remote computer
- multiplayer: fixed Multifaceted skill use putting the game in an unrecoverable state

Changes 4/29/2020

- fixes for UI scaling on very wide aspect ratios (some of your saved window sizes may have changed size)
- fixed moving into/out of bunkers or up/down stairs (broken by yesterday’s pathfinding change)
- fixed night/limited visibility not correctly checking units Fired status (was often thinking units had fired when they had not, making them visible & able to be fired upon)
- turned off the popup hex info... for NOW
- attempted fix for weapon being unable to be picked up in the same Ops phase in which the enemy former owner was killed
- added sounds for button/open status change
- added sounds for squad weapon status change/pickup/drop

Changes 4/28/2020

- added the beginning of popup hex info; this is going to replace the terrain info box and the little % boxes with a much larger and more comprehensive list of modifiers and so on (for now I'd like to know if you manage to somehow get it to extend offscreen)
- made pathfinding immediately bail if the destination hex is not allowed (long vehicle paths were being slow when the player would hover over a stone building or enemy hex when in assault move or the like)
- fixed road movement cost for Road class vehicles
- added decimals to shown move paths when appropriate

Changes 4/27/2020

- fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes not consider enemy units in a hex it was thinking of moving through or too
- fixed a weird invalid melee with no pickable defending units from getting stuck
- multiplayer: fixed a bug where popping up message boxes on one computer but not the other (i.e., confirm to end turn or drop a weapon or ‘thanks for the bug report!’) could cause later event message boxes to get stuck
- multiplayer known issue: large admin markers for remote movement not being created; tags are present in the unit box so you can check there for now
- Ap Bac: added an ARVN setup
- multiplayer: added code to fix up unit IDs that become mismatched on the two computers
- fixed a bug where game controller information (these are things like queued up moves, events, etc) was not properly cleared when exiting a game, going back to the menu, and starting a new one, probably had more effects in multiplayer than single, but could affect both
- multiplayer: fixed control not passing back to other player after sniper attacks

Changes 4/25/2020 & 4/26/2020

- multiplayer tracking updates

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
May Changes 2020

Changes 5/31/2020
- fixed tutorial 2 not loading correctly if Normandy was not installed
- multiplayer: significantly reduced amount of data sent at the end of each impulse
- multiplayer: Esc menu can now be brought up when it is not your turn

Changes 5/29/2020

- Unity updated to 2019.3.15f1
- added new prediction window info to targeting mode (opfire, etc)
- fixed a crash with the prediction window when hovering over enemies in the upper level of a building when there was nobody in the lower level
- fixed ability to activate passengers & vehicles/helos in the various combinations of loading & unloading
- fixed Assault Move button not showing for passengers that could use it
- fixed cost of loading/unloading Assault Moving passengers
- fixed loading into helicopters when you did not start in their hex (is not allowed)

Changes 5/28/2020 - A Major Update
This is kind of an essay, cause the new window(s) need some explaining:
- new feature, the Prediction Window, for now, defaults to ON, with a die-icon button on the unit box, hotkey P
- the improved Hex Info window is going in this display when I finish it, it will be above ‘Movement’; if that works nicely then this whole thing will become the ‘T’ hotkey window but I want to make sure that works ok before merging them
- if an action cannot be performed, it says why not (helpful for learning the rules & restrictions, hopefully)
- this shows all the various modifiers and whatnot for the hex you are hovering over, before you do the attack
- for the most part, these use the same routines as for the actual attack so finding bugs and missing modifiers should be easier now since you have all the time in the world to look things up
- we know of one missing thing with Ordnance Attacks, though, and that turrets/hulls turning for tanks, there are no modifiers shown for that because they are theoretical (since you haven’t turned yet), and that will be a little tricky to do but it’s on the list
- there can be approximately a million of these windows if you have both ord & direct weapons and are targeting a hex with a stack of units and two vehicles and there’s just a lot of stuff to show; you can click through the windows which should help a little, or use the toggling hotkey, not sure how small I can make these and still have things legible but they are scaleable
- the ‘Close Assault’ window is a little lame for now, but that is a hard thing to display since all the attacks are individual and you get to choose which one leader helps, and there might never be odds shown in that one
we have the groundwork laid for making the exact percentages able to be toggled off but I’m not sure under what, if any, circumstances that should be done... there’s no hidden information shown, after all
*other stuff:
- fixed heroes ever being able to be set Shaken (perhaps happened when unloaded from a vehicle hit by enemy fire?)
- fixed heroes not being able to enter melee (bug caused by me in May 22 version)
- fixed offboard units (that appear in certain hexes) sometimes being counted when checking stack limits in hexes
- fixed canceling a specific fire target not working
- fixed a crash on opfire on a hero generated in a hex with two SMCs already
- multiplayer: fixed selection box of hidden units from showing for units coming onto the board

Changes 5/25/2020

- fixed carried items to match their owners’ visibility status when Fog of War enabled
- increased maximum delay on options screen for timed popup boxes to 60 seconds
- Mines & Men: fixed half squad with Wounded marker (as a result of the SSR) from making the Autorally button show up (as it cannot be rallied)
- Marketplace Massacre: added one USMC setup

Changes 5/22/2020

- added the turn # to the control button box
- fixed DFT modifier for "Vehicle Rotated" to be -1 and not apply if the vehicle is marked Moved or Assault Moved
- fixed OFT modifier for "Vehicle Rotated" to not apply if the vehicle is marked Moved or Assault Moved
- fixed OFT modifier for "Turret Rotated" to not apply if the vehicle is marked Moved or Assault Moved or if the "Vehicle Rotated" modifier is applied
- fixed the error message for starting the game without Steam
- added current scenario name or "On Main Menu" to Steam friends list info
- large Upper Level counters are now used regardless of "large admin counter" setting; having mixed settings available was causing issues with making huge piles off them offboard and slowing things down (it was just these, not Fired/Moved/etc because those are attached to particular counters)
- multiplayer: fixed indirect mortar attacks not being shown on the remote computer
- multiplayer: Mines & Men now enabled
- Rejoining the Regiment: added the current # of exited units in the victory condition window to make it more clear a half-squad is worth 0.5 points for exiting
- Assault on Ben Suc: fixed the turn 4 new landing zone counter from not appearing until turn 5

Changes 5/21/2020
- counter stacks now will slide open when hovered over in opfire
- added the die roll for hero generation to the message log
- updated setup hex highlighting to only highlight currently-valid hexes (invalid hexes due to overstacking or specific SSRS will now be shaded)
- multiplayer: attempted fix for hero generation during opfire causing sync issues
- multiplayer: Bridgehead at Cauquigny & chaining to Kellam's & the combined scenario now enabled.
- Marketplace Massacre: NVA can no longer setup Medic in an invalid hex by re-placing the MMC in its hex afterwards (shows an explanatory error message when you try to leave Setup)
- Bridgehead at Cauquigny: added a German setup

Changes 5/20/2020

- fixed Veteran skill counter text (said ‘Thumper’)
- fixed ‘higher elevation’ DFT penalty applying to upper-level buildings
- added ‘tooltip delay’ option to Options->Interface
- added ‘?’ button to bring up the help/hotkey screen
- added little people heads to scenario buttons to indicate those that are currently multiplayer-enabled
- multiplayer: fixed a way for multiplayer games to get out of sync if a player started doing rally phase stuff before the opponent had reached the same rally phase
- multiplayer: Kellam’s Bridge now enabled
- Bridgehead at Cauquigny: edits to ‘concealed Americans’ SSR text
- Le Manoir: added one German setup

Changes 5/19/2020

- upgraded Unity to 2019.3.14f1
- fix to LOS-fix of perfect hexside intersection to allow through when at origin or target hex (oops)
- added the restriction of firing rocket-launcher type weapons from inside buildings/bunkers/caves & added text to unit popup to show this
- fixed vehicle MGs from prompting opfire on buttoned armored vehicles
- fixed generated hero during opfire causing the stack to be unable to move further
- added "50% chance" text to the random units in briefing OOB
- Kellam's Bridge: fixed the chain-scenario alternate units from showing up in the briefing OOB
- Bridgehead at Cauquigny: added "or later" to the arrival turn in the OOB for the paratrooper

Changes 5/18/2020

- fix to LOS at a perfect hexside intersection not blocking (broke in May 13 build)
- fixed not being able to move units activated by adjacent leaders who had moved
- fixed a crash if a spotting round target was (somehow) an invalid hex
- Map 14: fixed a stray hedge hexside terrain in hex L7
- Mines & Men: fixed AI trying to exit medevac chopper when it was not allowed to be selected and getting stuck
- multiplayer: fixed vehicle setup hexes sometimes not being in sync, causing crashes when loading passengers before they were moved somewhere else