Towards a tighter Solo Assistant & correcting Opportunity Fire

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    Reposted as originally embedded in another thread.
    Updated due to rules clarifications and review

    I have been developing an SA that requires less player interference and addresses other issues in the current one. The aim is to not have to think for the AEO and focus on your own units.

    Opportunity Fire Issue [EDIT update after further review]

    Following Priority order for potential Opportunity fire by AEO unit all but card 18 would result in eligible AEO unit firing ,47 out of 48 card pulls

    Except for Card 18 Effective range vs Inf all Point Blank and Effective Range Order Cards have fire as an option as you follow the order selection, even where Closest PU, Inf or Vehicle applies then following Secondary Priorities or Execute Counteractions/Victory Conditions, condition 6 or Condition 9 respectively result in fire.

    The rules state "Determine the starting order priority as usual..." which means start at relevant range and work down through secondary priorities.

    However if the rues are read as only consider the Staring Priority Order at AEO range for eligible AEO units to opportunity fire we have:-

    At PB - 48/48 card pulls - no need for Card Pull

    At ER - Defensive at vehicle 47/48 at infantry 31/48 ; Offensive at vehicle 43/48 at infantry 27/48

    At LR 24/48 if we consider Execute Counteractions resulting in Fire.

    Variant SA rules for WaW85

    PU always Play Declared Orders [Edit Declared orders now optional]

    From the rules Declared Orders mean you must complete the declared order unless the unit or unit in a stack suffers an adverse result.

    You will be limited to the restrictions of the declared Order, which means for a stack/unit if it declared move and fire or Assault and one unit suffers an adverse opportunity fire result the other unit cannot now switch orders but only abort part of it if the original order is no longer viable e.g. Assault AHS to low. It should be reassessed less used MP if changed restricted to a move order. Which may mean continue, halt or move to cover.

    Assess To Hit Score - AHS

    Include deploy SW option and Leaders/HQ that are assigned/deployed to unit
    Assess PU unit(s) if subject to opportunity fire with Move and fire or assault Order
    Defensive Stance includes an Offensive Stance unit occupying a Victory Objective(VO)

    • After modifiers, no of FP die less each save with a lower save value than to hit.
    • For defensive stance subtract 1 if 6 to hit
    • For Offensive stance subtract 1 if 5+ and 2 if 6 to hit (move rather than suppress)
    • If attacking Improved Positions(IP) subtract 1 for every final save value >3 e.g. -2 for 5.

    AEO units off Map or no LoS to PU - The first SA Card Pull

    Initial pull is for units out of LoS or off board that enter this turn and within movement range for a move and fire or assault, including unloading infantry into an assault. These units would be moving to contact and/or supporting main Attack/Defence and it is tactically sound they act first.

    For the last secondary order "Move Off Board units onto the map" or if all AEO units start off map then these units enter using the Red,Yellow, Blue priorities and secondary orders on this card as above, counting movement range from hex of entry.

    For these first check Red and Yellow for possible Assault or Move and Fire only execute those orders if the AEO unit/stack has a 0+ AHS in Offensive Stance or 1+ AHS in Defensive Stance.

    Then Secondary Orders for units with no PU in LoS.

    AEO units with LoS to PU subsequent SA order card pull(s)

    Units of the same type within PB range of each other would be considered a group, including a single AEO unit or stack, two groups if two different types in a stack.

    IFV, Tank, Infantry, Inf + SW, Recon, SPA are not the same type.

    Pull a separate card for each group pulling cards from smallest to largest groups, this means generally the AEO support units will activate followed by the main platoon units of the formations.

    Opportunity Fire Decision

    For AEO GO unit priority is highest AHS, unstacked AEO , closest range

    NO card pull needed AEO Defensive Stance
    Defensive Stance includes an Offensive Stance unit occupying a Victory Objective(VO)

    • PU will gain Objective or has Assault order and PUs AHS is 1+ vs AEO units
    • PU in no cover and adjacent to hex that provides cover, in direction of travel.

    Opportunity Fire dependent on result of Card Pull

    Check For PB (PB/ER/LR), ER (ER/LR) , LR (only)
    Fire if first order for PB/ER is Fire/Fire at Vehicle/inf (as relevant), for LR Execute Counteractions

    May Opportunity , Fire Card Pull required (see above)

    If AHS 0+ for Defensive Stance and 1+ for Offensive Stance and one of the following applies

    • AEO Formation acted this turn
    • AEO Out of Command
    • Direction of travel of PU is within 2 x MP of VO
    • Direction of travel of PU with Move and Fire & PU has AHS of 2+ vs AEO
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