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WaW85(NAW)solo assistant Opportunity fire rules-effectively pointless


Feb 21, 2015

This is my third post and I have offered solutions but unless I have missed it there has been no official response.

Opportunity Fire Issue

Following Priority order for potential Opportunity fire by AEO unit all but card 18 would result in eligible AEO unit firing ,47 out of 48 card pulls

Except for Card 18 Effective range vs Inf all Point Blank and Effective Range Order Cards have fire as an option as you follow the order selection, even where Closest PU, Inf or Vehicle applies then following Secondary Priorities or Execute Counteractions/Victory Conditions, condition 6 or Condition 9 respectively result in fire.

The rules state "Determine the starting order priority as usual..." which means start at relevant range and work down through secondary priorities.

However if the rues are read as only consider the Staring Priority Order at AEO range for eligible AEO units to opportunity fire we have:-

At PB - 48/48 card pulls - no need for Card Pull
At ER - Defensive at vehicle 47/48 at infantry 31/48 ; Offensive at vehicle 43/48 at infantry 27/48
At LR 24/48 if we consider Execute Counteractions resulting in Fire.