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    We have been playing with the counter design after counter design for the World At War 85 series, and I have come to the place where using such small counters is just a bad idea. It was too small in the original WaW design and do it again would be just plain foolish. I know some gamers are going to be upset, and the blame for this change rests totally with me. To put it simply the original counter size is just too small to have that many numbers on it and be able to read the numbers.

    So below is a sample of the new counter style and will now be at the Nations At War 3/4th size and NOT the WaW 5/6th size. This is a change to what I have said earlier. This will also make it necessary to increase the map hexes as well. So to be clear the new counters and maps will not work with any older game version.

    So What's On The Counter

    Top Left
    This is your main weapon system available on the unit.

    First Number: This is Range if the number is gray it stands for unlimited range when firing indirectly.

    Second Number: This is Fire Power, the number of dice to roll and type of Fire Power. The color numbers represent one of the following types of fire power.
    Red Number Black outline = AP
    Yellow Number Black outline = HE
    Blue Number Black outline = AA
    Green Number Black outline = Missile
    Orange Number Black outline = Moving Fire Capable

    Third Number: This is the number to roll or higher to hit the enemy target.
    The top right is the same of a second weapon system available on the unit and follows the same structure as the top left numbers.

    The Bottom Left
    This section of the counter can have a few meanings. This area can be considered the Defense or Target Type of the unit.

    First Number: White numbers with a Black outline with Yellow/Mustard Circle behind show the unit is Lightly Armored.
    If the Number is White letter “S” with a Black outline with Blue Circle behind the unit is a Soft Target

    Bottom Center
    This is the movement factor of a unit and will show if that unit has any transport abilities.

    Land Movement - Green number with a Black outline
    Water Movement - Blue number with a Black outline
    Land Movement with Transport Abilities - a Green number with a Black outline in a white square with a black outline.
    Water with Transport Abilities - Blue number with a Black outline in a white square with a black outline.

    Bottom Right
    This is a unit's close combat ability.

    First Number (left): Black numbers with a White outline. There use to be some units that had a + after the numbers, and we have removed this from the counters.

    Second Number (superscript): White number with black outline is hit number

    Triangle Left of a unit icon.
    If the Triangle is Red with a black outline = Recon
    if the Triangle is Gray with a black outline = Unit has indirect fire ability.
    If the Triangle is Yellow with a black outline = Special Forces, Commandos or special ability type unit.

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Better or Worse WaW85 Going to Bigger Counters and Map

  1. Bigger is Better Larger Counters All the Way

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  2. No Keep the Counters as they were

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    1. MichaelCD
      Technically I would think the old counters will still work with new maps as just the hexes are bigger. You just could not join old maps to new maps together if that was going to be an option.

      Wouldn't the new counters still work on the old maps but they would overflow the hex and you would just have overlapping counters at times?

      I do not see it as a big deal and look forward to the new system/counters. Plus the solo rules. If all that is ready by Christmas, it would definitely be a Christmas to remember! :)
    2. Maurice Fitzgerald
      Maurice Fitzgerald
      Like the look and agree with the decision to go bigger with the counters. Go big or go home. :)
      David Heath likes this.
    3. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hello Michael,

      Yes, the old counters would work with the new maps and the new counters could be used on the old maps but would hang over. I felt that was unprofessional and didn't want a game produced that way.


    4. Crossroads
      Glad to hear there's a decision in place for the counters now too, as the maps already look dead gorgeous. I own both NAW White Star Rising as well as WaW Blood and Bridges, and I do like the larger counter size of the WW2 brethren.

      Now get them available so we can start buying them :happy:

      PS I have a preorder in place for The Untold Stories. Is it going to use this look already?
    5. Ken Warren
      Ken Warren
      Honestly, I'm not sure what to think. I was a late getting into WaW. My first game was EG Deluxe, then bought Blood & Bridges and Compendium. I had wanted to pick up Untold Stories, but it was out of stock. Personally, I didn't have any issues with the counters. I agree that the font should be changed, but otherwise they are fine. I did really like the physical counters in EGD compared to BaB. The linen (I think?) finish was better than BaB glossier counters. Just my opinion.

      Having said that, I'm glad to hear that the WaW series will be available in the future.
    6. crak
      This is unfortunate.

      Big counters don't fit back in the box stored in GMT trays. Bigger maps need bigger tables.

      Where is the formation text?

      The old ones were readable. Maybe a font where 5 and 6 looked more distinct was all that was needed. These strike me as too busy.
      Last edited: Oct 18, 2016

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