Best way to integrate CO2 Op Layer with CM series tactical action?


Oct 26, 2014
I guess only 1 reply (yours!) on this thread indicates a low interest in this type project. Not sure?
The ultimate game IMHO would be some flexible mesh between the op layers and the tac layer.

I can only speak for myself. I do not share the enthusiasm for "combined layers" that is cropping up in pretty much every wargame forum, may it be HOI, CM, here, or wherever.
The beauty of military leadership, in my humble opinion, is the division of labour and responsibilities. A game in which I have fingers in every battle, on every level, feels alien to me, since it is contradicting my real life experience as a military leader. It takes realism and immersion away. I know that you wear multiple hats in every game, but there is a line, for me personally, that just shouldn't be crossed to break that feeling. [Note to myself: Advocate CPX like mode for CO, in which player can play one side.]

If I want to play coy-level, I fire up CM, if I want to play Corps or Div-level, it is CO and so on. I have no desire to merge the scales with different gaming systems.

I am not opposed your ambitious project. I just wanted to comment on the 'interest' aspect you brought up from the perspective of someone who is...well, not so interested. Especially the 'ultimate wargame' argument, as if the player has to play on every level to be a true groghead, is coming up very often. I do not share this view. I actually think this detaches further from reality. :writer:

Cheers and good luck with your maps and scenarios,


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