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LnL Policies on Shipping, Notices and Going Forward.

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
LnLP has been asked a few questions on different forums about how things are going to work, so I wanted to address them here as well.

Is Heroes of the Pacific shipping?

Yes, Heroes of the Pacific is shipping. Please post here if you got the game, and a shipping notice, etc. If you have NOT received a shipping notice do not worry. There a lot of orders to fill and more orders are coming in. Customers that pre-ordered are shipping first. We do not print overseas but in Colorado, and we put all of our games together here. If you are really concerned, please open a Support Ticket and we will get back to you.

Will I Get a Shipping Notice?

YES. We do send out e-mailed shipping notices; once an order is boxed, our shipping software e-mails the notice to the customer. Our shipping notices have tracking numbers for those shipments that have them. We are working on adding the tracking numbers to our customers’ order history, but that is not available yet. Once that is in place it will allow you to review your tracking numbers from there as well.

Are we going to have Pledges and Pre-orders?

YES. Pledges will be for games that we think you would like to see and you are willing to make a Pledge to purchase. You are not forced to keep any Pledge or Pre-Orders and you now have the ability cancel them at any time—they can be viewed and cancelled directly on our store. Customers that make a Pledge will receive the best deal at the lowest price at the Pledge level. Pledge products can be cancelled. YOU will NEVER be charged EVER for a Pledge order. There will be NO exceptions.

What is the difference between Pledges and Pre-Orders?

Pre-orders are products with most of the production work done, but it is not yet ready to ship. Pre-order products will still be cheaper than the released price but more than the Pledge price. Pledges, once given the green light, will be moved to the Pre-order level and Pre-orders once the game is within 15 days of being released will become a full retail product.

What about Special or Limited Content?

All game content will always be available to all customers at all times. The difference will be the price. So what that means is if you find out about a product late or even after the product is released, you will still be able to get everything that the person who placed a Pledge or Pre-Ordered on day one. The only difference is you will be paying the higher price for it. We will not be making special content that only early buyers will get. We feel gamers are collectors who may want it all, not only at Pledge / Pre-order times; this allows newcomers to a game system access to content that, previously, may only have been available for a limited time in the past.

Again I want to thank everyone for their support.

David Heath