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    Patton’s Charge expansion for Command Ops 2 is coming later this summer and covers a series of operation conducted along the Western front in late 1944/early 1945. After the breakout from Normandy in mid-1944 General Patton launched a blistering drive across France with the aim of penetrating the German Westwall line south of the Ardennes. Patton’s Charge will have 12 scenarios covering the more significant battles of this famous campaign, including Operation Nordwind, Nancy, Metz, the Saar and the Lorraine. It will also cover the Huertgen Forest battles just north of the Ardennes.

    Many of these battles involved low unit density over large map areas. This will be markedly different from the more highly congested Battles from the Bulge and Market Garden. They will also provide a good mix of different force types and qualities. Some of the battles will see elite forces from both sided pitted against each other in set piece standoffs. While others will see more freewheeling battles as mobile forces must penetrate and out maneuver their opponents. Patton was the master of the mobile offensive. Will you be able to live up to his reputation?

    COPC-Boxshot.jpg Cover Patton's Charge Schmidt Screenshot Rev2.jpg Vossenack Screenshot Rev 2.jpg


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