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  1. David Heath

    Heroes of the Falklands 4K X-Maps Now Available.

    Immerse Your Gameplay with 4K X-Maps 4K X-Maps are actually two products in one. X-Maps bring the Lock ‘n Load Tactical series games to a grander scale, with a substantially larger playing surface and hexes that are nearly double those of the standard maps. In comparison, X-Maps are 11” x 17”...
  2. David Heath

    LnLT Digital Board Game Screenshots

    Final art being added and testing.
  3. David Heath

    LnLT Battle Gear v1.0

    Lock 'n Load Publishing has teamed up with Litko to provide some excellent game accessories we call Battle Gear. These accessories are designed to enhance your immersion into the game. These accessories can also be used with Lock 'n Load Tactical series and many other games.
  4. David Heath

    LnLT Game Log Rev 1.0

    This is a simple game log files so players can track they play progress. This game log is also included in the LnLT Scenario and Map List.
  5. David Heath

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Sale Going On Now 30% OFF

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Sale is on and up to 30% off for a limited time. http://store.lnlpublishing.com
  6. David Heath

    Lock 'n Load Tactical: Core Rules v5.0 PDF Edition is Now Available

    Lock 'n Load Tactical: Core Rules v5.0 Download PDF Edition is now available at https://goo.gl/k3tvj8 There are also a lot of other new LnLT Resources you can find at https://goo.gl/jswcsN Please post and let us know if you think it was worth the wait.
  7. David Heath

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules Officer Edition v5.1 Rev73

    Welcome to the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system (LnLT). For over 20 years the LnLT system has entertained gamers with its ease of gameplay while having attention to battlefield conditions and tactics. LnLT has set a new standard in Squad-level gaming with scenario-based gameplay. Its innovative...
  8. David Heath

    LnLT Scenario & Map List Guide Rev. 13

    LnLT Scenario and Map List Guide will show all scenarios and maps from both World War 2 and Modern era games in one PDF document. This PDF will be updated as we add more games to the series. The scenario list and the map list are from the latest game releases and will not match older editions...
  9. David Heath

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Solo Walkthrough v1.5

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Solo Walkthrough Lock ’n Load Tactical Solo system allows players to fight against an Artificial Enemy Opponent (AEO) that operates using a series of cards drawn from a deck, which makes decisions for the AEO game units. Here is a Walkthrough play example of using the...
  10. David Heath

    LnLT Quick Reference Flip Cards Rev8

    Lock ‘n Load Tactical v5.1 Quick Reference Flip Cards are miniature reference cards, spiral bound. Reference Flip Cards are designed for travel and to keep your head out of the rule book and in the game. This Quick Reference Flip Card booklet helps any player to look up rule summaries, rule...
  11. David Heath

    LnLT Nationality Capability Chart Rev 8.0

    LnLT Nationality Capability will show all forces from both World War 2 and Modern era games. This booklet will be updated as we add more games to the series. These charts can be used with all LnLT rule versions, all games and editions in the LnLT Series. These charts are NOT needed to play...
  12. David Heath

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Starter Kit v5.1 Rev18

    Not Sure if Lock ‘n Load Tactical is for You? For gamers, it’s not always easy to know if a tactical game system is the right one for you. We feel that Lock ’n Load Tactical (LnLT) is one of the best tactical game systems out there; it’s quick to learn, fun to play, and presents conflicts from...
  13. David Heath

    LnLT Solo Player Aid Cards Resized to 8.5 x 11 Cards Only v1.5

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Solo Cards Owners of the LnLT Solo expansion module can download v1.5 LnLT v5.0 updated edition of the 8.5 x 11.0 player aid cards. This corrects some minor errors and provides a new card for Banzai charges. LnLT Solo can be played without this update but has been made...
  14. David Heath

    LnLT Solo Manual & Player Aid Card Update v1.5 Rev5

    LnLT Solo - Play Anytime, Anywhere with Any Game in the Series. This updated manual for the LnLT Solo has a few rule clarification and corrects some minor errors on the Player Aid Cards. We have added a new Player Aid Card for Banzi Charges. LnLT Solo can be played without this update but has...
  15. David Heath

    Audiobook Edition of LnLT

    Here is a sample of our Audiobook Editon of the Lock 'n Load Tactical v5.0 Rules. This like our Video Bootcamp are meant to be used as a player aid and not instead of reading the game manual. Let us know what you think. To Here the sample click the link below. https://clyp.it/40yrza1j
  16. David Heath

    Update LnLT v5.0 Core Rules

    Here are some questions asked about the new LnLT v5.0 rule set and my answers. Q1:-All-encompassing game system consolidating rules from both WW2 - Modern A: YES Q2: -clarifications and improvements to the game system A: YES, had a lot of new playtesters review the rules during the process. We...
  17. David Heath

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules v5.0 Coming Soon

    For over 15 years the Lock ’n Load Tactical (LnLT) system has set a new standard in squad-level gaming. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, unparalleled artwork, historical scope, and accessibility have entertained veteran and new gamers alike. Over that time, our rules have grown, too...
  18. David Heath

    Heroes of Normandy - The Untold Stories Book

    Heroes of Normandy - The Untold Stories Vol. 1 Hardcover books arrived today and they look FANTASTIC. We are still waiting for the Paperback edition to arrive. Howard Jones and his team did an excellent job. Keith Tracton is finishing up audiobook edition so expect to see this available in the...
  19. David Heath

    LnLT Standard and X-Map Templates v1.0

    The LnLT Map Templates are for those of you who might want to make your own map designs. These templates would work best printed on 12 x 18 CLEAR acetate or white paper. We have included both PDF and PNG file format, they both should have clear backgrounds.
  20. David Heath

    Hell Frozen Over for Heroes of the Pacific Vassal Module v2.3

    Here is LnLP Official expansion Hell Frozen Over for Heroes of the Pacific v2.3 Vassal Module. Attached are several screenshots from the Vassal module in play. These show off the new custom UI buttons on the toolbar, which use graphics directly from the LnLT games in some cases, and they are all...