By David Heath on Aug 22, 2017 at 8:59 PM
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    The games have started shipping. There are a lot of orders so it will take up to a week for all the orders to be filled. If you have any questions please open a support ticket and let us know. So get your dice ready.



Discussion in 'News and Events' started by David Heath, Aug 22, 2017.

    1. stanthecaddy019
      Thanks for the clarification, David. Good luck on the rest of the shipping!
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    2. MichaelCD
      Tom, if you think you have an order shipping and it is missing items you should file a ticket to get a better/quicker response.

      Did you get an email saying the pre-orders were ready and then did you go to the store and confirm you want all three of those items which would put them all in the same basket and then did you go through the payment, etc steps and get an email confirmation about the order with all 3 items in it?

      I am not an employee or anything; just trying to help.
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    3. David Gray
      David Gray
      I would note I received a shipping notice late yesterday for my first preorder.
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    4. Kurt E Addison
      Kurt E Addison
      I have as to yet to receive a confirmation of either of my preorders being shipped. I am a little disgruntled because they were paid for on the 16th and the 17th. That is 2 weeks now.
    5. MichaelCD
      @Kurt E Addison , I am curious as to why you did 2 separate orders instead of 1 combined order?
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    6. David Gray
      David Gray
      I would note I received a shipping notice late yesterday for my first preorder.
      Kurt, the order I got notice for was ordered about 8AM on the 16th of August. Probably you will be up pretty soon.
    7. Tom Manning
      Tom Manning
      I have a question,if you please..
      It was my understanding that all orders would be shipped together to a I right in this!
      If so,I got a shipping confirmation for 1 game pre-ordered,yet,heard nothing on the remaining 2 outstanding pre- orders..
      As you can appreciate,thiscis a little difficult to comprehend..
    8. Tom Manning
      Tom Manning
      Naturally,I just received a shipping notice on my 2pre-ordered games!
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    9. MichaelCD
      Tom, you might want to go back and delete the triple posting of the same message....

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    10. Tom Manning
      Tom Manning
      Thanks Michael.
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    11. SlowBurner
      Has anyone recieved a package yet? I completed my order on 8/17 but am still anxiously awaiting a shipping notice...
    12. David Gray
      David Gray
      Quite a few people have reported receiving packages. Mine is due later this week. I placed my order on 16 August.
    13. SlowBurner
      Thanks David. Did you get a shipping notification? I guess mine may have shipped already. Also, I am in east Texas so that will probably delay it.
    14. Tom Manning
      Tom Manning
      As did David..paid for my pre-orders 8/16..received my shipping notice last week...expecting my package on Tuesday 9/5 according to USP..Long wait is going to be justified..
    15. SlowBurner
      Thanks Tom. Looking forward to the feedback from those who received their packages. I'll give it a few more days for shipping notice and check with LnL.
    16. David Gray
      David Gray
      I did receive a notice when the games shipped.
    17. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys

      We are over 900+ shipments now. We are taking tomorrow off and will send out new emails and more games on Tuesday.

    18. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Okay I've received an email just titled 'Order Number 20170' listing my order, nothing about a shipping date or details and there's no tracking order number in my order history so do I assume of the 900 orders processed mine isn't one of them? How can I find out if my order has been shipped before the 'day off' kicks in?

      Getting just a bit annoyed at this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    19. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys,

      As I been posting we were packing all weekend, and after more than three weeks including the weekends, so I am giving the team a break tomorrow letting them rest. I did also state that no emails will be sent until Tuesday. The reason is because of the holiday weekend no shipping companies are picking up packages until Tuesday, hence no tracking numbers and so no emails. Anyone can check their account on our store for order updates. Let me address the point again that if you received an email stating anything was on back-order this is not correct. Since we packed so many games over the weekend we out paced the system this caused the back-order emails.

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    20. Captain Darling

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