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  1. David Heath

    WaW85 Pre-Orders Ending & Printing Complete

    Printing Complete and Next Stop will be the Container Ship Pre-orders will be closed on Sunday, September 22 at 6:00 pm Mountain Time. If you know someone who wants World At War 85 now is the time to get it. Below is a picture from our printer of the games. Pre-Order...
  2. David Heath

    Final World At War 85 Game Samples On Their Way

    Our Printer emailed us and stated all the printing completed. The Printer will be sending us the final copies for review. Once we receive them and make sure everything is right, we will post it here with some pictures. After that, it's off to the shipping company. Thank you all again for your...
  3. David Heath

    World At War 85 Starter Kit Vassal Module v1.1

    Not Sure if World At War 85 is for You? For gamers, it’s not always easy to know if a game system is the right one for you. We feel that World At War 85 (WaW85) is one of the best tactical/operational game systems out there; it’s quick to learn, fun to play. The idea behind this Starter Kit is...
  4. David Heath

    The Defense of Frankfurt First Look

    Monster Campaign and New Battalion - Regimental Activation System The Soviet 79th Guards Tank Division charges hard towards its Fulda Gap campaign objective, Frankfurt, and the bridges there across the Main river. NATO forces have gathered to the defense of Frankfurt and are looking to stop the...
  5. David Heath

    The Drive On Giessen Campaign System

    The Drive on Giessen is a campaign game for World At War 85 Storming the Gap The Drive On Giessen allows the play of a set of linked game scenarios depicting a Soviet division’s drive across West Germany against NATO forces. The Operational map will depict an area roughly from Eisenach GDR to...
  6. David Heath

    Storming the Gap - Pre-Order Now Available

    Click Here to Visit Our CrowdOx Page. Missed the Kickstarter for Storming the Gap, not a problem. You still have a chance to get a deal and get ALL 15 stretch goals included. This is a limited time offer. We feel this is a great deal since we are including the 15 Stretch Goals giving you over...
  7. David Heath

    Livestreaming Event for Storming the Gap

    If you missed our Kickstarter Livestream Event for our WaW8 Storming the Gap. You can watch the whole event on the link below. You may want to advance to 12:00 on the time track to skip Keith and David setting up. Livestream Link Replay Below...
  8. David Heath

    Storming the Gap Funded 24 Hours

    In the last 24 hours we have funded our Storming the Gap game on Kickstarter and UNLOCKED Stretch Goals 1 and 2. Check it out at https://goo.gl/83Y5yR
  9. David Heath

    World At War 85 - Storming the Gap Now On Kickstarter

    Support Us On Kickstarter Click Here World At War 85 - Storming the Gap funded in 24 hours and have unlocked 10 stretch goals on Kickstarter. Please spread the word and remember the WaW85 Core Rules are now available for downloading and it includes the WaW85 Starter Kit and can be found in...
  10. David Heath

    World At War 85 Core Rules v2.2 Rev73

    World At War 85 v2.2 rules manual contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the World At War 85 system. Our goal is to present the rules in a straightforward manner without disrupting their existing structure and foundation. For clarity some rules sections have been modified, not...
  11. David Heath

    Brad Smith Signed for WaW85 Book Series

    Hey Everyone, We are working on our Kickstart page for WaW85 Storming the Gap and it will be up VERY soon. We have some additional great news to report, We were able to sign writer Brad Smith to do series of novels for our WaW85 series and we are thrilled. Brad has a writing collection of...
  12. Keith Tracton

    Would you like your name on a WaW85 Leader Counter?

    Anybody want to have their name on a WaW85 series Leader Counter? We are only using last names on the counter but if you are interested, email me your full name in case something else comes up (like we write some scenario description text with your Leader's name in it). Everyone will be a...
  13. Keith Tracton

    Would you like your name on a WaW85 Leader Counter?

  14. David Heath

    What's On the New WaW85 Counters

    We have been playing with the counter design after counter design for the World At War 85 series, and I have come to the place where using such small counters is just a bad idea. It was too small in the original WaW design and do it again would be just plain foolish. I know some gamers are going...
  15. David Heath

    New World At War 85 Series

    Here are some the changes you will find in World At War series. To start, we have renamed the series to World At War 85. We moved the series away from the old storyline, and locations and moved it to real world locations with formations. The core rules are in a middle of a re-write as well as...