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    Hello Everyone

    It's a been a long time coming and we are not done yet but we have finally sighted our convoy. Our printer was late and then broke our order up onto three different boats. Our first boat will hit the port Tuesday or Wednesday with the second boat reaching port about July 16 or 17. We do not have a date yet on the third boat. It will take a few days for the containers to be unloaded and to pass through customs.

    I will let everyone know what is on the first boat once I get confirmation, we thank you for sticking with us it really means a lot to all of us here at LnLP.



Discussion in 'News and Events' started by David Heath, Jul 11, 2017.

    1. David Heath
      David Heath
      I think I misunderstood question myself. Sorry you can not add to the pre-orders

    2. David Heath
      David Heath
      White Star Rising is on the third ship.

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    3. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      What are you going to be doing with orders that have items on the first and third containers? (I have HoNA and LnL Solo) Are they going to be shipped separately? If they are will we have to pay for shipping twice?
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Plodder,

      You are not paying for shipping twice but once for each item. in a perfect world we would love to provide combined shipping but we can't on pre-orders based on how pre-order system work. Each item that is available will have an email sent to you to pay for and improve. We are always working on improving our system for our customers.

    5. ChuckB
      Hi David,

      Just so that I understand:

      1. I have four items on pre-order and according to your list they will be almost evenly be spread out over the three ships - does this mean I'll receive three separate shipments (one with two items) and pay shipping for each of the three shipments?

      2. I might consider adding another item (pre-order) to my existing one prior to the container arriving. This item would be (according to the list) in the first shipment (together with two other items of my previous pre-order). Would in that case all three items (from two different pre-orders) be combined into one shipment (for which I pay shipping only once) ro would the shipment be handled by order, making this (at least) two shipments?

    6. Falkon00
      It sounds to me like this is more based on "your order items" and less on which container the games are on. If you happen to have a preorder that has games that bridge multiple containers, I would assume the preorder won't ship until ALL items come in.
    7. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hello Guys,

      We may have some great NEWS, we are testing right now to allow everyone be able to take the Pre-orders that are currently available and allow you to merge all activate pre-orders into one order. You may also ADD other available products to the order, allowing you to ship all your active Pre-orders and any other available products into one order. Please understand this does not mean we are going to be able to hold all pre-orders until other pre-orders are in. Also, remember you will only have currently 10 days to pay for pre-orders and we may look to change that to 30 days.

      We will let you know as soon as we have completed testing.

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    8. Falkon00

      Thank you for taking the time to test this, I think that this will be a huge win, win for everybody. For us, it will save on shipping, for you, I think people that save on shipping are more likely to buy some extra add ons! I'm glad that you posted this cause I was about to cancel and consolidate my preorders.
    9. Caesar
      Thank you, David.
    10. Alfred M. Bisasky
      Alfred M. Bisasky
      I thought that I read on one of the forms that certain LnLT games that are pre-ordered will com with X-Maps. I could well be wrong about that.

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    11. ChuckB
      It's my understanding that only the new releases do - Heroes of North Africa, for example
    12. David Heath
      David Heath
      LnLP Convoy Update #5

      Hi Everyone,

      We have some great news, thanks to the GREAT team I have and after almost 48 straight hours of coding and testing, LnLP now has the ability to combine Pre-Orders together. What this means is that you are now able to combine your active pre-orders with other active pre-orders. You may also then purchase already available products adding them to your pre-orders. This gives you the BEST possible shipping options.

      Changes to Pre-Orders: Normally once a pre-order had been activated you had 10 days to pay for your pre-order or it would be canceled by the system. We have decided to extend this to 25 days, more than double what it was. This we hope will give everyone enough time to plan and get the game they pre-ordered. There is one catch, it is possible but unlikely that a game on pre-order could become sold out before the 25 days are up. So the pre-orders are on a first come first serve basis. Once a Pre-Order been activated you will see a count down timer in your order history showing you how much time you have left until the activated Pre-Order automatically expires and the Pre-Order is canceled.

      New Feature for Pre-Orders: We now have an In The Works and Pre-Order categories on our store. This will allow you to view every game in that category. Products listed as In The Works can NOT be ordered. These are products that we have not decided if they will be produced yet or not. Pre-Order products can be reserved with NO money or credit card. Once the game is close to completed or completed the pre-order will be activated and an email is sent to have you make payment, and update your mailing address. You may cancel your Pre-Order at any time without any penalties.

      Pre-Order Display: On the product pages and on the category pages you will now see a number "Pre-Orders: 0000" that is the number of customers that have committed to buying the product. If the number is in RED that Pre-Order goal has not been yet if the number is in GREEN the Pre-Order Goal has been met. Yes, we know the green color is not showing up well and we will be correcting this soon so it easier to read.

      X-Maps - When your pre-order email(s) arrive you will be told if that game has X-Maps included or not.

      Battle Generators - Battle Generators are currently not included but you may add it to your order at checkout time.

      Tracking: All orders in your order history that have shipped should now contain a shipping ICON that will show you your tracking of your packages. Simply click on the icon and you will be taking to a page showing your order progress.

      Shipping for Our Euro Customers: We have partnered with Second Chance Games to handle LnLP Pre-Order fulfillment and any Kickstarter releases. This means once you pay for your shipping (at our reduced rates) it will include VAT etc. Let me be clear some countries may still charge VAT (Iceland, Norway Switzerland to name a few) and that is beyond our control but for most customers will find the shipping and either be cheaper or less or no VAT at all. Second Chance Games will also be carrying the full line of LnLP titles to better support of our customers.

      What Games Are On What Trucks: This was what we were told but we can't confirm this until the trucks arrive.

      Truck #1: Heroes of Normandy, Heroes of the Nam, Heroes of Falklands, Heroes of Motherland,
      Heroes of Defiance and Heroes of North Africa

      Truck #2: Day of Heroes, Heroes Against the Red Star, Heroes of the Pacific, Desert Heat 2nd Edition, Stalin's Triumph, Tank on Tank West, Tank on Tank East, Hollow cell and A Wing and A Prayer.

      Truck #3: Lock 'n Load Tactical Solo, Dark July 43, Noville Bastogne's Outpost, White Star Rising 2nd Edition, Pacific War, Falling Stars Beginners Game, Falling Stars Map Pack1, Falling Stars Adventure Module, LnLT Compendium Vol 2 Maps, NaW Compendium Map, Tank On Tank West Front Expansion, Tank On Tank East Front Expansion and some other odds and ends.

      Note: LnLT Hell Frozen Over parts will be here but they are waiting for layout as are the Tank On Tank Expansions as of July 20, 2017.

      Where Are The Games & When Will the Game Ship: The first container of games should arrive July 21, 2017, the second container on July 22, 2017, and the third between August 2-4, 2017. By arrive we mean at our warehouse.

      We were going to start shipping immediately has each truck arrived but now that you have the ability to combine your pre-orders to save on shipping we are going close out the pre-orders in the next 24-48 hours. Send out the emails allowing everyone to combine the orders they can. So expect the games to start shipping the week of July 31, 2017.

      I Need Help: If you have any questions or concerns please open a support ticket. This is the BEST way to get your issue addressed. You will need to have an account on our community forums to open a Support Ticket go to ( We will be checking this every day while we are at WBC but we have an entire warehouse crew that will be picking and packing orders.

      I hope this gives everyone a good update on where we are at.

    13. Falkon00
    14. David Heath
      David Heath
      Love the picture
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    15. Rich Paris
      Rich Paris
      Is that how the announcers say in football?
    16. MichaelCD
      In soccer it would be Goallllllllllllllllllllllllll. In American football it would be Touchdown!
    17. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Woo Hoo order placed and confirmed #21070...
      Looking forward to getting HoNA on my tabletop. :happy:
      Shipping to Australia was a jaw dropper...over 25% of the total order value was shipping and handling I was very lucky I had vouchers that helped a lot!
    18. Rich Paris
      Rich Paris
      Thank you for the correction Michael.
      Score or Goal, Either way we still WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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