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Oct 20, 2014
Livonia, MI (Detroit-area suburb)
Good to hear from you too, Mark. We're starting our fifth wave of Covid here In Australia. According to the stats we've lost just under 16K so far. Like you I'm self-isolating. I make an occasional foray to the supermarket and chemist, but largely rely on delivery services. My wife is suffering from long covid. Thankfully I escaped. She got it while working at the hospital and is now going through negotiations so she can work from home. What amazes me is that people here have virtually abandoned taking simple precautions like wearing face masks and distancing. Though the Government here is considering re-introducing these measures. But they always seem to wait far too long to do so and in the meantime the body count piles up.

Just to offer a picture on the other side of the world, numbers for COVID appear to be going down -- hospitalizations are decreasing and the death totals, though still occuring, aren't stunningly significant.

Though some still resist vaccination, there has been a significant effort to get every citizen from age 5 and up immunized against the disease. The immunization hasn't stamped it out like it did in the late 50s and early 60 with polio and later with measels. Though it's recommended that particularly the immune compromised still wear masks, there isn't an overwhelming number of people who follow the advice.

Those who get infected with COVID tend to have milder cases with symptoms more akin to a hard flu. Those who are immune compromised can get a medication that reduces the impact of the disease if they act within 5 days of having symptoms.

At least, for the past nine or so months, there hasn't been much effort to disrupt day to day activities to avoid contact with the disease. We're about to go into the 2022 flu season, which will complicate diagnosis and treatment for COVID because people who may get COVID believe it's the flu and end up infecting acquaintances. The people who run the US Centers for Disease Control are warning that the lax rules practice the past spring and summer may have to be tightened if the flu / COVID equation leads to more untreated disease.